Cube Labs, case history of the Startup Europe Week Rome event

The Startup Europe Week Rome was held Tuesday 6 March in the fascinating Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio, an important event for all those Italian entrepreneurs and startuppers, who aim to work in the European context. All speakers provided an effective overview from the business idea to its validation, analyzing the development of the product and the growth of the company.

Experts in IT, marketing and funding suggested to participants useful tools as far as the management. The event provided to give an accurate overview of the main local, regional and European opportunities of the startup ecosystem.

Cube Labs, mentioned as case history in “The Startup Canvas”
During the Startup Europe Week Rome, Massimo Ciaglia, Digit partner of Cube Labs, presented a preview of his new model, The Startup Canvas, the first framework, entirely designed and developed for startups.

The failure rate for startup companies is still very high, it is esteemed around 80-90%, these data inspired a fundamental question, on which Massimo Ciaglia invites us to think about: “How can we structure an idea of ​​business with a basic model already wrong?

Almost all the models of business model canvas in use don’t take into account relevant aspects for startups, such as: funding strategies or procedures to protect intellectual property.

Thanks to a consolidated experience and an in-depth knowledge of the Lean method, Massimo Ciaglia has structured his model in 12 blocks and in 3 areas, which analyze aspects, that had never before been dealt with in previous business model canvas.

Cube Labs uses this model, it is structured in three steps: business idea, strategy and execution and it has been mentioned as a successfully case history in the Startup Europe Week Rome.