CUBE LABS has signed its main strategic partnership with the Inter-University Consortium INBB (National Institute for Biostructures and Biosystems, INBB aims to promote and coordinate research together with scientific activities and co-operation in the field of Biostructures and Biosystems among partner universities.

The Institute promotes collaboration among universities and other research institutions and/or industries and, on the other hand, their access and possible involvement in the management of the National Laboratories of Biostructures and Biosystems, giving a number of R&D services to the Top Global Corporates in the pharmaceuticals and biotech field.

Only public Italian Universities are admitted in the Consortium (24 to date) and more than 600 university researchers (mainly full professors and associates) are members of I.N.B.B., they have been admitted on a criterium of a selective evaluation of their impact factor in scientific publications. Each of them adheres to one of the six research areas foreseen by the Consortium Statute: Biomolecules, Bioinstrumentation and Bioelectronics, Biosystems and Bioregulations Biotechnology, Biological Supramolecular Functional Unit, Cells.
Within the partnership and after a severe due diligence on several research programs originated from the Consortium, CUBE LABS and INBB have already launched since Q4 2017 six Spin-Offs and four more are incoming in the pipeline in Q3 2018.
The projects refer to different diagnostic and therapeutic areas such as metabolism disease, osteoarthritis, neurodegenerative disease, inflammation, cardiovascular, wound&skin care, oncology, oral care, patient data sharing, sport medicine.
CUBE LABS confirms to be the absolute focal point in the field of healthcare and biotechnologies applied to the well—being of the person for the Italian research that wants to approach the market with a team of first class professionals specifically dedicated to this goal and with a network of partners that allow us to be the solution of choice for the research to market pathway.