TT Platform


Technology Transfer refers to the movement of know-how, skills, technical knowledge, procedures, methods, expertise or technology from one organizational setting to another (Roessner, 2000). Our aim is to create a bridge between the scientific community and capital market to foster the scientific and technological development for People and Society

35% of our portfolio on average under due diligence from global investors with some companies going for the stock exchange market (IPO) within 3-5 years

Leveraging our network we seek for the highest quality in disruptive technologies to fulfill the market needs and a large number of products – up to date – are in the pipeline and IP protected.


With the aim of strengthening our presence on the global market we have established a series of business connections and partnership agreements with leading investors and large corporates


Cube Labs lands in Russia

Cube Labs opens a new international market in Siberia through collaboration with important local players. A fundamental partnership to reach a further strategic goal that allows our investee companies to enter the Russian Federation market. Find out more →

Cube Labs will be at the “5G Research and Innovation” workshop in Jerusalem

The Italian-Israeli “5G Research and Innovation” workshop has been held yesterday at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in which Cube Labs took part and during which its Executive Operation Manager, Dr. Ignazio Cogotti, had a speech. Technological innovations, changes and evolutions are continuously introducing new applications that greatly influence the way humans interact, make decisions and…

The great potentiality of Adamas Biotech, a new startup of Cube Labs

Adamas Biotech, a newly created startup of which Cube Labs is the main controller, is the result of a collaboration between INBB (National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems) and the University of Parma. The goal of Adamas Biotech project is to use at best all the natural properties of the green tea catechins for the realization of complete product lines both for…