Track Record & Business Connection

Company 1

Has a patented technology, that recovers CO2 from engine cogeneration with an output of polyunsaturated fatty acids “Omega 3” and “Omega 6”.

Company 2

Has invented and patented a disposable device for diapers based on granular clay as absorbent material for the hygiene of infants and old people.

Company 3

Has developed a functional ice cream for diabetic patients; due to incapsulation, Omega 3 properties are maintained and properly delivered.

Company 4

Produces biomedical electro-aesthetic devices and cosmeceutical solutions for dermatology, aesthetic medicine and professional beauty.

Company 5

Develops postural image acquisition through a biomedical device enabling 3D reconstruction and showing loads factor through an algorithm; file sharing improves remote diagnosis through an integrated and patented IOT platform.

Company 6

Develops and provides scintillating alexandryte crystals for gamma ray detection and medical diagnostic device for high quality and precision optics as well as for space and military applications.

Company 7

Has developed and patented an intraosseous dental replacement implant for anchoring dental prostheses and restoring natural capability and aesthetic outcome.

Company 8

The establishing start-up developed a smart gel technology with two different compounds and high biocompability for the release of anticancer drugs for local chemotherapy.

Company 9

The establishing start-up developed a smart gel technology with high biocompability and biomimetic function for the treatment and therapy of large skin burns.

Company 10

The company developed and patented the first Lab-on-Chip for Time Lapse Microscopy that allows to understand how cells work by making videos of biological phenomena within single cells for the IVF – In Vitro Fertilization -treatment.

Company 11

The company developed a revolutionary way to exchange knowledge, methods, best practices in all research fields which involve microscopy and digital imaging through an innovative toolkit and internet platform based on computer vision.

Company 12

The establishing start-up developed a smart gel technology with high biocompability and biomimetic function for the treatment and therapy of large skin burns.

Company 13

The company has developed a revolutionary skin cancer screening platform based on digital images and big data that enables physicians to identify and monitor changes in their patient’s skin characteristics.

Company 14

The company has developed a a revolutionary medical device for prevention aspiration pneumonia in tube-fed patients and positioning system X-Ray free for real time positioning and continuous monitoring of feeding tube location.

Company 15

The company developed an IOT platform that allows manufacturers to easily integrate wireless power into any product due to form factor for the health care wearable devices and market.

Company 16

The company has developed a world wide protection of its own innovations; assets of the company are several patents in the biotech fields of proteins and antibodies with a large number of clinical applications.

Company 17

A functional device projected as a pillow, made by Swiss Pine Wood with natural components recommended for insomnia, anxiety, depression, rheumatisms, respiratory problems.

Company 18

Has developed the very first comprehensive non invasive solutions for Osteoporosis Early Diagnosis trough ultrasounds technology with strong patent’s protection.

Company 19

The Company is an establishing Spin-off focused on the development of novel technology for early diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) at cellular scale without the use of ionizing radiation.

Company 20

Has developed a novel micro nano carriers for targeted drug cancer therapy reducing undesirable side effects trough highly biocompatibility.

Company 21

The establishing company is a Spin-off of the National Institute of Biotech and Biosensors and developed a sensitive and effective methodology based on tandem mass spectrometry for the highly and fast specific quantitative determination of large patterns of metabolites.

Company 22

Is a start-up company focused on the development, production and commercialization of a new, totally non-invasive, ultrasound-based medical device for automatic and operator independent monitoring of childbirth delivery.

Company 23

The company has developed an advance dietary supplement based on natural components as goat colostrum such as chamomile.

Company 24

Has developed an innovative medical device with natural components and no doping declaration for external use for the musculoskeletal system for sport medicine and trauma.

Company 25

Has a market ready technology enabling blood testing on nanochip supports to cellulominc, proteomics and genomis diagnosis.

Company 26

Over the past 50 years, few significant innovations have emerged in the field of machines for the production of home made ice-cream to keep the original properties of healthy food.

Company 27

Conducts research and development in the agri-food sector and manufactures products based on fruit and vegetables for both the B2B and B2C channels through a patented technology to avoid the cold chain to preserve fruit and vegetables.

Company 28

Kit based on sensors associated with an electrochemical detector for the rapid determination of organophosphorus pesticides and carbamic in food samples.

Company 29

The method measures the catalytic activity of the redox enzymes in the main metabolic pathways of bacteria through a redox indicator that changes color to detect pollutions in water soil and food.

Company 30

Intelligent air cleaning system with a real Intellectual Property policy and strong patents protection. The disruptive technology abates with very high efficiency air pollutions and particulate indoor and outdoor.

Company 31

Innovative system environmental friendly for energy production such us hydrogen stock and fuel cell technologies.

Company 32

The company operates in technical development of zinc alloys device designed to avoid limestone deposits inside industrial and residential water pipelines to avoid critical disaster and bacteria infections.

Company 33

The establishing company is a Spin-off of the National Institute for textile technologies and has developed a water treatment technology for purification and recycling of water in textile district and urban area.

Company 34

Has developed a recycling and transformation technology for hazardous waste in urbanfloor plates with value added business.

Company 35

Has invented an innovative mobility and security solutions for a safer urban environment through an advanced video knowledge platform based on artificial intelligence.

Company 36

Wide range of high added value emergency and disaster management technologies and consulting services for private and public organizations based on a large IOT platform.

Company 37

The company has developed an innovative technology for safe broadcasting and environmental control.

Company 38

The company has developed a telecommunication infrastructure for the safety control of incoming and outgoing calls.

Company 39

Has developed an energy saving device designed to reduce the polluting emissions and the fuel consumption in motor vehicles and boilers.

Company 40

Has developed an innovative patented process for recovering and transform asbestos from waste construction materials.

Company 41

The company developed a technology and designed a product to absorb oils and hydrocarbons spilled on the soil or water surfaces in order to treat bilge waters and contaminated tanks.

Company 42

Our company is one of the leading destination management companies in Europe. Specialized in tours, excursions, transfers and activities, we provide excellent products combined with advanced, intuitive and flexible technological solutions.

Company 43

Our company offers itself as a marketplace and a virtual intermediary between the supply of video content by the public, which more and more intensely wants to be a protagonist, and newspaper headlines that require immediate coverage to complete all the news.

Company 44

The company developed a technology and designed a product to absorb oils and hydrocarbons spilled on the soil or water surfaces in order to treat bilge waters and contaminated tanks.

Company 45

Our company is an innovative “coffee shop” project. The aim is to bring the “Italian Style” concept of coffee bar everywhere in the world. What distinguishes us from our competitors, besides the quality of ingredients of the products, is the service offered.

Company 46

Our company is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell art prints, with the aim of promoting them among the vast public as original and elegant pieces of furniture for the home, office, study or shop.

Company 47

Our company is an innovative Start-up in the Cloud technology sector. Established in 2014, we developed a full-stack object storage technology that can be delivered either as a service directly provided by us, or by installing our appliance…

Company 48

Our company is one of the leading providers of board management solutions in Italy. Designed to ensure a safer arrangement and management of board meetings, the platform helps organizations to save time and…

Company 49

Our company was founded in 2015 with the objective of expanding its experience and creating innovative software and hardware solutions for cyber security purposes. It’s a spinoff of a Canadian company specialized in enterprise.

Company 50

The company offers strategic support to fund raising, mentorship and advisory to digital startups. Users, professionals, entrepreneurs, startuppers can charge their startups and match their companies with investors 

Company 51

The company sells policies using digital channels which cover potential risks for health as well as others for a short period of time, with no paperwork through the block chain tailored to the customer location, habits, needs and paid for by e-money and Bitcoin. 

Company 52

The company has a registered patent, for the invention of this new matchmaker platform, through which one can experience places, contact people present in those moments in the various places by geolocated chat and profile everybody as well as starting a chat. 

Company 53

The company is the first worldwide company specialized in production of devices monitoring indoor pollution and environmental parameters: the pollutants discovered by its devices can be mitigated with specific solvers, in order to protect the health of people in their homes and offices.

Company 54

The establishing Company is a Spin-off of an outstanding Incubator that develops IOT technologies for Global Italian Corporates providing new highly innovative technical products, services and standards, creating a complete, modular and scalable offer aimed at different markets. 

Company 55

The product provides real-time diagnostic data relating to the extent of damage sustained by a residence or a large residential complex during an emergency disaster.

Company 56

IOT opened platform based on phone technology enabled care that helps to take care of helpless people in need of help like old parents, grandparents, children and more.